25.06.03 I HAVE DONE IT! I have put Lion's pedigree! LOOK!!

13.06.03 A lot of new photos in photoalboum! Lion in his new trim!LOOK! It's really interesting!

4.05.03 Lion has got his last BEST JUNIOR!!He has three of them.So now he is YOUHG CHAMPION OF RUSSIA!!!!!!He is so proud of himself!

10.03.03 You-Lion NBel ot Zolotogo Priboya at "Lider -Prestig 2003" began THE BEST JUNIOR!!!!!

25.01.03 You-Lion Bel ot Zolotogo Priboya began THE BEST JUNIOR!

23.01.03 There are 2 new photos in PHOTOALBUM LOOK!!

18.01.03 Lion began THE BEST JUNIOR

15.01.03 There are some new links. LOOK!

03.01.03 I began doing this site


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