My name is Evdokimova Anna.I bought my firdt poodle in 1998. We didn't know anything about poodle. We bought him like pet for home. It was grey miniature poodle. His father was very famous.His name is Rainbow Beauty Silver Blue Bell.I began to read a lot of books about poodles.Every day I like poodle more and more.My dog was very beautiful. I had discovered it after reading poodle's standart.It was a tradegy,when my Sting had died because of epilepcy.
We couldn't live without dog. After 2 mounths we decided to buy a standart white poodle male for show.We were looking for a lot of dogs.Once we met a pretty woman. It is the owner of kennel "Zolotoy Priboy". At that moment she has the litter of standart white poodles from Geniral Vicktor from Zolotoy Priboy(CH.Rus,Blr,Lit,Fin Amadey Korolevskiy Passag x Yussi Art Milada) and beliy Lotos Volshebnica(Nutlee Southern Boy x Irs Anfisa Beliy Lotos). In the litter were 3 males and 4 females.Our breeder have chosen the best male. And we happy went home. So now we are proud owners of YU-LEON BEL OT ZOLOTOGO PRIBOYA! At this moment we have not so mane titles. Lion is THE BEST PUPPY,BIS-2,3xTHE BEST JUNIOR,THE YOUNG CHAMPION OF RUSSIA!!But it is only begining in his career!!!!!!! We will try to have more!
Ann and Lion.

The main

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